Real Estate in the West Valley

Real Estate in the West Valley
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How You Know When You’ve Found The One!

How You Know When You’ve Found The One…

…house that is!

5 Signs The Home Is The One!

For some buyers it is not all just about the price. Many home buyers want to find a home that fits their needs and wants for the next few years. There are five things you should really consider when buying your home.

1. Room For Growth And Change

When looking at a home you are strongly considering, stop to think about what your needs are in Buying Home Growing Family Phoenix Arizonathe next 7-10 years. Are you:

  • Planning to move in or get married
  • Adopting furbabies
  • Children going off to college
  • Any family planning on moving back in with you

These are all things to consider when purchasing a house and whether it will suite your lifestyle for the next several years.

2. Cost Of Maintaining A Home

There are many factors that are unique to the Phoenix area to consider when purchasing your home. You may want to look into a community with HOAs that cover outside maintenance costs. Or if you are looking into a single-family home know the costs of maintaining a home with grass. Many homes in the Valley need to flood their yards, while others use a sprinkler system.

Do you want a pool? Look into costs in the area you are looking for what it would cost for a pool service to maintain your pool. If you plan on doing it yourself, make sure to educate yourself on the types of chemicals needed. Also, salt water or chlorine? There are many cost factors to think about in just owning a pool. You don’t want any surprise costs so educating yourself in this area is very important!

Many times you are able to review the average monthly costs of electricity and water bills for the last year on a home. Just call up the company and ask. This will give you an idea of the energy efficiency for a home.

3. Home Repair Costs And Updates

Phoenix Home Buying Home Updates and RepairsIf you found a home that you are strongly considering but it needs some repairs or updates, you will want to get estimates on what the costs of these repairs and updates will be. Knowing an estimated cost before buying will leave little room for surprises later. Look into home warranties as well so that you may minimize any future unexpected repair costs.



4. Association Fees

Discussed in #2, Home Owner Associations (HOA) can be seen as a benefit to many home buyers while others will stay away. If you are OK with purchasing a home that has association fees, make sure to read their bylaws and what services they offer for the costs. Each HOA operates differently. Some pay yearly, quarterly, or monthly. Find a number that you are comfortable paying each month because that number will be on top of your monthly mortgage payments. If reviewing HOA documents and you don’t understand some of their services, ask questions. You are paying for a service, you will want to understand exactly what you are getting for that service.

5. Daily Commute

You may find a house that you believe is perfect, but find out that your daily commute to and from work is an hour both ways. Is that something you can manage each day? Always consider drive time when purchasing a home. Phoenix traffic can be very slow during rush hour and that is always a factor to consider when purchasing a home and one that is often overlooked.

I’ll Leave You With This

These are just a few of the factors to consider while deciding if a home is the perfect fit. When you work with the Barbie Lindsey Team you get knowledgeable Realtors that know the area, community and factors to consider when buying a home. We look out for you and your interests. And you are always our number one client!

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