Real Estate in the West Valley

Real Estate in the West Valley
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9 Expenses to Expect When Buying a Home

  When buying a home there are so many things to consider, especially when it comes to budget and what expenses to expect. Here are just some of the main expenses that you will need to plan for when purchasing your house. 1. Property Taxes Property Taxes in Arizona are relatively low compared to other states […]

The 5 Reasons The Barbie Lindsey Team Thinks It’s the Time to Sell in Phoenix

We are well into the first month of 2017, have you been keeping up with your resolutions? 2017 is our year, let’s make every day count! If any of your resolutions have to do with finances, downsizing, buying a home, or moving you may want to think about selling your home soon! 2017 is predicted […]

How You Know When You’ve Found The One!

How You Know When You’ve Found The One… …house that is! 5 Signs The Home Is The One! For some buyers it is not all just about the price. Many home buyers want to find a home that fits their needs and wants for the next few years. There are five things you should really […]